fibroblast pen
fibroblast pen
Plamon Fibroblast USA Pen

Plamon Fibroblast USA Pen

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  • Tighten & lift aged skin
  • Even skin tone & texture
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & scars 
  • Delivery of topicals & infusions 

    These safe and effective treatments all have limited down time, with minimal to no bruising or bleeding!

    Plasma Fibroblast is a must have device for any clinician. It's small, portable and cordless making it easy to use at any location.


    1. Collet - part for inserting the needle tip

    2. Head Cap - fixes the needle tip in place

    3. Output Indicator - indicates the state of plasma output

    4. Short Button - operating button for plasma output 

    5. Mode Selection Switch - continuous (C) or pulse (P) mode

    6. Power Indicator - indicates on/off status 

    7. Battery Warning Light - red light displayed when low 

    8. Wheel Switch - turn on/off or adjust plasma output intensity 

    9. Charging Indicator - red when charging, green when completed

    10. Charging Terminal - terminal for micro usb charger 


    • Output frequency: 40kHz​

    • Power level: steps 1-9 (analog wheel type)

    • Output mode: continuous and pulse

    • Pulse mode frequency: 500Hz

    • Power: integral li-polymer rechargeable battery 3.7v

    • Life time: fully charged, max 3 hours

    • Warranty: comes with 1 year guarantee

    • Battery life: general life is 500 times of charging