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BB Glow Training Course - West Coast

Master Seminar & Kit Course
Course Duration: 1 day
Training Hours: 8 Hours
Fee: $1300.
Call: (661) 260-3009
For Alternative Payment plans

Master Seminar Includes:
Theory Skin & anatomy physiology Skin analysis
Techniques Treatment protocol Pre & post care instructions
Sanitation process Using Device Consultation, wavers
Practice on live models Marketing and Ads 1 Final Exam
Certification of Completion Ongoing Support Enroll Now
The kit Includes
1 Pen with USB Charger 10 Cartridges Stayve BB Glow Serums Booster Kit
02 Seltzer Mask BBG Brush 3 Bio C Masks
Stayve repair Technical Training Manual Certificate of Training Course Completion
UPGRADE to Master Kit - Call Us for Details
1 MicroGen Lite Pen with USB Charger 20 Cartridges Exfoliating Kit
Stayve BB Glow Serums Stayve BB Glow Booster 02 Seltzer Mask
4 BBG Brushes 5 Bio C Masks 10 Stayve repair
Technical Training Manual Travel Bag Certification of completion
Call us for any questions