GD11 Cell Factory Power Aqua Ball Starter Kit - 12pk

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The GD11 Cell Factory Power Aqua Ball Starter Set benefits elasticity and moisture retention. Increased elasticity is promoted with 89 protein complexes and 5 peptide complexes. Create a moisture curtain such as hyaluronic acid and ceramide to seal in moisture. This GD11 Power aqua ball is a real hyaluronic bio capsule ball with stem cells.

  • Works well on dry, dehydrated, and normal skin
  • Designed for dryness and nourishing skin
How to use direction:
  • 1) Drop the aqua booster into aqua ball container
  • 2) Mix until aqua ball melts
  • 3) Evenly spread mixture onto face for absorption
  • 4) Re-apply ampoule where intensive care is needed