Chemical Peels Training


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 Peels 101

This class is perfect for setting the foundation to your Chemical peels education.

Learn the history of peels and how they are categorized.

This class is Universal Education an understanding of peels and how they are different.

Theory only


Peels Level 1

 This class offers advanced techniques utilizing and layering Level 1 peels and Understanding ingredients:

  • Pumpkin peel 30%,
  • Lactic Acid,
  • C: Vitality 25% AHA,
  • Mandelic Peel 25% AHA
  • and Retinol 10/10
Focus is placed on Skin Prep  and post care.  Demo and Hands on


Advanced  Peels Levels 2 & 3:   

Advanced techniques utilizing

  • Salicylic,
  • Glycolic acid
  • Modified Jessner
  • Jessner 
  • TCA, Retinol

Learn the art of layering chemical peels for correcting any skin condition.

Q & A and a round table discussion will conclude the class session. 

Demos and hands on


The Beauty of Hybrid Peels

This newest formulation of peels are getting our attention,this is an entirely new concept—Hybrid peels utilize advanced technology and ingredients that make delivery easier without causing sensitivity. The New Age of peels is here!

The Benefits Hybrid Peels

Everyone can benefit from the milder peels, These peels can be performed with no down time and leave skin with visible results. Other factors to take into consideration:

  • Recovery time  can be done on a lunch break or after work and are ideal for those who just don’t have the time to hideaway from life.
  • Risk — Peels are  considered safer because they  easily controlled. Controlled peeling means safe, accurate peeling, and less risk.

Demo and Product knowledge on the latest peels.