CO2 CARBOXY Facial Mini Package - Ribeskin
CO2 CARBOXY Facial Mini Package - Ribeskin

CO2 CARBOXY Facial Mini Package - Ribeskin

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The Ribeskin CO2 Carboxy Facial Mini Package can be used in a needle-free therapy that boost skin metabolism and natural production of oxygen. Carboxy therapy makes skin dramatically brighter, fresher, even-toned, less-lined and supple after first use. This treatment is also effective for bruising, swelling, and acne treatment. Ribskin CO2 treatment has shown 0 side effects since its development making it an ideal therapy to be used in dermatological procedures, spas and salons as side treatments.

  • 5 CO2 GEL Pouch 30 ml (1.01 FL OZ.)
  • 1 Brush
  • Can be used for up to 5 treatments
  • Eyes and Mouth should be covered before treatment
  • Suitable as a pre-treatment prior to dermatological procedures or as a biweekly skin treatment.
  • Should not be used directly after Fraxel laser, other laser or MTS treatments. (to be used after minimum 1 week)
  • Should not be used on open wounds
Pro Tip:

Wrap the stimulated area with gauze or kitchen wrap during procedure, to prevent CO2 from evaporating, this will maximize the effect of lifting, brightening, etc.