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Thesera L - TDN Collagen LIFTING SYSTEM

Thesera L - TDN Collagen LIFTING SYSTEM

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What is TheseraL?

The new generation thread lift, the results are amazing!!  TDN                                (Transfer Double Nanosphere) technology forms channels into the epidermis and the    dissolved threads can be applied in liquid gel form and set into the skin.  Where They  go deeper into the lower layers of the skin where they work in a similar way to regular threads by attracting collagen. The skin is nourished which  helps thread absorption.  Over time threads are absorbed deep into the skin forming a cushion similar tp traditional threads (PDO thread lifts) when fully dissolved.

Can be used can be used over the entire face and neck.


  • Absolutely Zero needles, incisions, bruising, swelling, downtime
  • This is the first system in the USA like this and it is the most relaxing of treatments – whilst gaining amazing results
  • Total safety
  • Painless
  • Even distribution
  • Ability to treat multiple areas

Benefits include:

  • Instant Lifting
  • Pore tightening
  • Boosts elasticity
  • Minimizes wrinkles
  • Improves dermal density
  • Improves volume
  • Improvement of pigmentation
  • Hydration
  • Youthful appearance

What are the threads made from?

The threads are made from silkworm fibroin protein known as sericin. Which is primarily used in medicine for wound suturing and tissue regeneration. It also has a natural infection resistance and is used variably due to it’s excellent bio-compatibility, and thus is commonly used as a wound coagulant as well. When used in cosmetics, sericin, has been found to improve skin elasticity and several anti-ageing factors, including an anti-wrinkle property. This is done by minimizing water loss from the skin.

Package Includes:

Epidermis Balance Foam 20ml
Dermis Balance Peelenser 2ml x 4ea
Hydra Booster 20ml
High Tension Gel 5ml x 3ea
High Tension Ampoule 12ml
High Tension Serum 3ml x 4ea
High Tension Threads

STEP 1. TDN Tunneling


Epidermis Balance Foam

  • Acid foam peels epidermis gently.
  • Removing sebum and impurities primarily
  • Balancing skin pH

Directions : Pump 3-4 times. Apply it on the skin and rub gently. Rinse with lukewarm water.


Dermis Balance Peelenser

  • TDN acid complex leads skin tunneling
  • Helping active ingredients penetrating into skin
  • Normalizing turnover cycle

Directions : Apply Peelenser on the skin with a brush. After suitable time, rinse the skin with lukewarm water thoroughly.

Tip. Epidermis Balance Foam & Dermis Balance Peelenser
Mix 2ml of Peelenser and 4-5 pumps of Balance Foam in a glass bowl. Apply it in the order of forehead> nose> cheeks> chin, avoiding eyes and mouth areas. After the suitable application time, rinse with lukewarm water thoroughly.

Sensitive skin : 1min.~1min. 30ec. / Normal skin : 2min.~2min. 30sec.

STEP 2. Absorbing thread


High Tension Serum & High Tension String
[Brightening/Wrinkle improvement]

  • Natural melting thread(string) and high-enriched ampoule pass through the skin deeply.
  • Dissolving the melted thread, it tightens and lifts the skin
  • Improving skin elasticity and minimizing wrinkles

Directions : Mix 0.04g of thread and 3ml of serum in a glass bowl. Apply it on the face with a brush.

STEP 3. Circulation, absorption, and calming


Hydra Booster

  • Helping skin absorb more thread by stimulating skin circulation
  • Extreme moisture factor calms the skin.

Directions : Apply the suitable amount on the skin with a brush. After 20min., wipe out the residue by rubbing gently.

STEP 4. Tightening


High Tension Gel

  • Enhancing elasticity and facial line
  • Generating collagen and nourishing skin
  • Holding the active ingredients(thread) absorbed in the skin

Directions : Apply High Tension Gel upwards(lifting direction) and wait until it is completely dried for about 20min. Then wipe out the whole face with a wet sponge.

STEP 5. Nourishing


High Tension Ampoule
[Brightening/Wrinkle improvement]

  • Peptide complex ingredients improves wrinkles.
  • 9 natural extract and 4 natural oil nourish skin.

Directions : Absorb 10 drops of ampoule on the whole face.

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