RICH PL by Promoitalia

RICH PL by Promoitalia

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 Rich PL

1 vial of 10 ml Up to 10 applications per box

Rich PL Topic is the first solution based on free Hyaluronic Acid and Polylactic Acid in liquid solution ready to use. The ready-to-use solution moisturizes, restores volumes, and stimulates cell reproduction, activating skin fibroblasts and at the same time giving a strong immediate volumizing effect. It is the perfect solution to correct skin imperfections such as wrinkles and loss of volume. A ready-to-use solution, with a double function: eliminate wrinkles and restore volumes and at the same time stimulate and reprogram cell reproduction Rich PL can be applied using either the Microneedling or a derma roller. The intensity of the treatment, the depth of the needles, must be calibrated according to the type of skin and the characteristics of the patient.


 The matrix of HA protects the polymeric fractions of Polylactic. In this way, the PLA polymers are able to remain active for a long time


  • Hyaluronic Acid 
  • Polylactic Acid