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Barrier Tape Blue

Barrier Tape Blue

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Universal Infection Control Barrier.
Perforated 4'' x 6'' sheets are easy to apply.
Available in Blue, Clear, and Pink.

1,200 pcs

  • UNIVERSAL INFECTION CONTROL BARRIER: Barrier film provides a universal infection control barrier that is perfect for areas that are difficult to clean, disinfect, or sterilize. It is easy to apply to various surfaces, is easy to remove, and doesn’t leave any residue behind. Protecting from germs, infections, saliva, and other contaminants, these sheets are the ideal dental supplies!
  • PERFORATED EDGES: Some plastic barrier film is difficult to cut and apply. We designed this barrier film with esthetic use in mind. The barrier film roll has a plastic core to sturdily hold all the sheeting in place. The roll is divided into 1200 sheets measuring 4” by 6”, and we added perforated edges to make the sheets easy to tear off! The box also includes a perforated slit to use as a dispenser.
  • BLUE BARRIER FILM: Barrier film is essentially a medical-grade plastic wrap with a self-adhesive backing. We have made our barrier film roll dispenser easy to use by cutting it into 4” by 6” sheets that can be cut or molded into different shapes and sizes to fit the instruments or equipment they protect.
  • MINIMIZE ENVIRONMENTAL SURFACE CONTAMINATION: Be clean and sterile. Barrier film helps protect surfaces to keep them disinfected and free from environmental contaminants. These barriers are changed after each patient, so surfaces remain clean and disinfected until the end of the day at the clinic.
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