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Fibroblast USA

Fibroblast Face Mapping Pen

Fibroblast Face Mapping Pen

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Product description

White Surgical Marker Pen(0.5mm,1mm) 

Name: Tattoo Positioning Pen / Skin Marker Pen
Ink Color: White
Marker Pen Small Tip Size: 0.8 mm
Marker Pen Larger Tip Size:1mm
Features: Marking Pen Waterproof
Safety: handwriting pigment harmless and hypoallergenic.
Role: For tattoo positioning,marking,design,skin marker pen.

*Used of non-toxic, non stimulating environmental medical ink
*Waterproof & Anti-hemp
*Not easy to rub,erase with alcohol or cotton wipe.
*Safe and Good for marking and locating on the skin Marked clear.
*Help those who usual find no eyebrow position and have makeup spacing problems to get a pair of symmetrical brows.

★Make sure that the skin oil must be completely removed before you use the marking pen, otherwise the tip may be easily clogged.
★Make sure that the skin is dry before you use the Surgical Markers.
★When in use advisable to drawing dots instead of drawing lines.
★If need to clear handwriting as soon as possible, wipe it off repeatedly with a wipe, or use semi-permanent cleaning paste.
★ Patients should consider the allergic reaction.
★ Pay attention to the use of pen tip protection, when not covered should be covered to prevent dry ink.
★ When the package is damaged, forbidden to use.

Package Include:
Note: Face marking pen,

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