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Carboxy Training Online

Carboxy Training Online

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Co2 Carboxy Therapy is changing skin!  Our revolutionary needle-free CO2 Carboxy therapy helps boost skin’s metabolism and natural production of oxygen providing deep absorption. Skin looks dramatically brighter, fresher, even-toned, less-lined and supple after first use. Also effective for bruise, swell and acne treatment.

CO2 Carboxy Therapy Benefits: 

  • Whitening – Helps sun damage skin, age spots, dark spots, and uneven skin tone by activating blood circulation and waste removal.
  • Face slimming – Promotes slimming effects by densifying tissues via CO2 production absorbed in the phospholipid layers.
  • Wrinkle reduction and lifting – Increases elasticity, promoting lifting effect, and wrinkle reduction. .
  • Moisturizing – Increases skin hydration and helps retain the balance between water and oil.
  • Acne – Anti inflammatory eliminates acne-causing bacteria by promoting blood flow and waste removal.
  • Pores tightening – Minimizes the appearance of skin pores even after the first application. 

Other Benefits include:

  • Safe for all skin types
  • No side effects
  • No downtime
  • No contraindications

Training will cover :

• The Science behind CO2 Carboxy Therapy
• Anatomy
• Skin types 
• Contraindications
• Product technology
• Techniques
• Treatment protocols
• Marketing

You will receive:
• Training manual
• Product kit
• Certificate of completion

 Kit includes:                                                                                                                      •  Carboxy 5ct Kit
  •  5 Masks
  •  Marketing Material

Training Options:

• Option 1: Online Training Free                                                                              ONLY for clients who purchased any of the 20/40/ Face or Body Kits.              Training Includes:                                                                                                      Theory ,Protocol,  Demos and Certification.                              

 Option 2: Online $175.                                                                                                Training Includes:                                                                                                  Includes Kit, Theory, Manual, Demos, Hands on work, Demos and Marketing.                                                                

Training Hours:  2-3 hrs

Payment is due at time of booking. 
Remaining Balance must be paid before class.

Cancellation / Reschedule
Deposits non-refundable. You may reschedule class for a different day.                           All sales are final. No refunds. No exchanges.

Note: dates and times are updated constantly for new classes.

This treatment is an easy and effective way to amp your treatment results. 
Certification upon finishing Carboxy Advanced  Face and Body 

To contact Fibroblast USA please call 800-514-3137 ext 2
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