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Description:  Lenses: PET *2. Frame/Plug: PVC *3. Size: 183 x 80 mm
  • Features: *1. These safety goggles with PET waterproof, shockproof lenses and soft large frame can block fluid splash, dust, wind and ensure safety in your work.
  • *2. 180-degree wide and clear lenses ensure the vision, prevent distortion or deformation of objects. The coating on the lenses can prevent mist from attaching for a good anti-fog effect.
  • *3. The frame with 183 mm long and 80 mm high is large enough to cover your eyes also contain a pair of glasses so that you can wear your glasses with these goggles.
  • *4. Soft and smooth PVC material fits your skin without hurt and strain to provide good protection and sealing effect. And the air vents on the frame enhance air circulation, anti-fogging and stuffy-free.
  • *5. Stretchable headband fits your head well, 10 mm wide is comfortable to wear. Notice: The goggle is disposable. The using time should not exceed 24 hours.
  • Package Includes: 1 x goggle