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IWave Body Contouring

IWave Body Contouring

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The new synergistic technology for the redefinition and non-invasive remodeling of the body

Two technologies

Microwave RD: focused radial microwaves

Cold HP Oxygen: propulsion gas therapy for tissue oxygenation, cooling of the working area and transdermal delivery.

The new frontier of body


-Microwave HyperO2 Tech


-Localized adiposity


-Skin relaxation


Microwave RD: focused radial microwaves

iWave is equipped with very particular performing handpieces; the emission of microwaves occurs radially, focusing on the adipose tissue in the case of the deep handpiece, or in the dermal tissue in the case of the superficial handpiece.

This technology allows for the concentration of the vibrational and thermal effect in specific points, thus maximizing the lipid-reducing, anti-cellulite, and toning effects.

The fundamental feature of the iWave is that it is equipped with two oxygen-propelled handpieces that allow stopping the surface heating effect created by the emission of microwaves; it is thus possible to use high powers when using them

Maximum safety and certainty of effectiveness

During the treatment, the skin is practically transparent to microwaves and over 80% of the energy reaches the subcutaneous tissues.

The probable mechanism of action: activation of the monocyte/macrophage system, which removes adipocyte residues after being hit by microwaves.

Cold HP Oxygen: molecular oxygen propulsion therapy for cooling and transdermal vehiculation

I Wave is equipped with a zeolite filter that allows to concentration of oxygen from the aspirated atmosphere up to 90% v/V.

•           The oxygen produced is cooled by a pressurized and Peltier cell system.

•           The cooling action of the epidermal layer is immediate,

Optimally improving patient compliance.

•           Oxygen penetrates the tissue, improving its vascularization.

•           Furthermore, the propulsion gas can be used as a transdermal carrier for the administration of active products adjuvant to the treatment.

I wave sensor:

Monitored temperature and microwave emission

To ensure patient safety, a temperature sensor is present on the handpiece which, during the treatment, every second, makes an accurate reading of the skin surface temperature.

When 40 °C is reached, an acoustic signal is emitted that warns the operator of the need to move the handpiece to another emission point.

Siege CatalOXY effect

A new concept was given by the combined action of two unique technologies:

•   MicroWave RD technology

•   Cold HP Oxygen

The action of the focused Radial Microwaves concentrates the heat in the adipose tissue. This effect, in association with the resonance vibration caused by microwaves, causes the lipid content to escape from the adipocytes (lipid exocytosis).

Physiologically, macrophage cells are activated and rush around the damaged adipocytes, besieging them.

The effect is rapid and already occurs 4/6 hours after treatment.

Thanks to the action of propelled oxygen, it is possible to combine the effect of microwaves with the benefits of specific active products.

The high pressure and the large volume of oxygen directed to the skin are able to mechanically push the active substances that will be applied during the treatment.

Technical features:
  • The device is equipped with two handpieces, deep and Shallow; one specifically designed for the treatment of fat and cellulite, the other for skin toning
  • iWave is "user friendly", equipped with intelligent software that guides the operator in performing the pre-set programs in a simple, safe and effective way.
  • Microwave handpiece output power: 200 W
  • Nominal frequency of the microwave handpiece: 2,45 GHz
  • Outgoing oxygen with a concentration of 90% v/V
  • The flow rate of oxygen at the output of the handpiece is 95 liters per minute
Technical Specification
1 Brand Name Beagle
2 Technology focused radial microwave
3 Cooling System Air cooling,water cooling
4 Language Support English
5 Output Power 200W (handpiece output power)
6 Handpieces 2 (shallow and deep)
7 Display Mode Touch Screen
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