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Oxygenator 5L

Oxygenator 5L

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 Oxygenator 5L System

US Made (43 lbs) This powerful unit delivers up to 95% pure oxygen by harvesting from the ambient air, using a specialized patented filtration system, creating a constant supply of oxygen whenever you need it. The Oxygenator unit is ideal for accelerating healing after micro-dermabrasions, laser treatments, or it can be charged just as a stand alone treatment. The Facial Oxygenator can be used in conjunction with any technology to enhance treatments. Oxygen facials incorporate the use of oxygen in its purest form (90%). The cell renewal nebulizer brings oxygen to each skin cell, stimulating rapid regeneration. It is a healing treatment for congested skin caused by aging, overexposure to sun, pollutants, acne and smoking. The Facial Oxygen Concentrator can also be used to enhance the effects of any other exfoliation procedure or chemical peel done on the clients skin. This unit is mounted on wheels for ease of movement. The Facial Oxygenator can also be used as a mist applicator to enhance anti-aging and moisturizing serums placed in the hand nebulizer which is provided with the unit. This unit produces up to 5 liters per minute of oxygen.


  • Nebulizer (High quality airbrush gun)
  • Oxygen tube (10 ft.)
  • Oxygen Activator (8oz.)
  • 5 facial plastic mini dome masks 
  • 3 CF serums 


  • Built-in oxygen tanks (2 x 2.5L tanks) with oxygen concentrator - all-in-one compact unit
  • Concentrator Dimensions: 13" W x 23" H x 11.5" D
  • Concentrator Weight: 43 lbs
  • Sound Level: less than 43 dB
  • Continuous flow
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 - 5 LPM
  • Maximum Outlet Pressure: 5 PSI
  • Oxygen Purity: 87% to 95.6% at all flow rates
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