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PLAXPOT is it a real Plasma Device?

It is not an electrical arc but a genuine plasma arc for the best application for plasma procedures.
It is different from a simple high voltage electrical arc.
Genuine Plasma output produced by the plasma generator that is located within the Plaxpot, Soft Surgery sublimation with the plasma arc has marked success.

The difference with the Plasma Arc is there is less risk of burns because it works on the skin evenly and superficially against the electric arc which is very narrow and a penetration depth that is too deep, causing a higher risk of burns and scarring and less ability to get a uniform application during treatment.


Non Surgery, No Stitches
No Injection Anesthesia
Lasting Result
Quick & Easy Procedure
No Cutting of Skin
No Thinning of Skin

Histological Comparison between Plaxpot Plasma Arc and Electrical Arc

Picture of just after treatment

After 1st wiping out by alcohol cotton

After 2nd wiping out by alcohol cotton


each plase

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