FILCORE - Exo Healer 49.2

FILCORE - Exo Healer 49.2

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 2ml x 10vials ( 50g after lyophilized) 49.2 billion exosome particles

Powerful regenerative & anti-inflammatory  effects

Powerful regenerative/anti-inflammatory effects of 49.2 billion exosome particles

P198 ExoHealer™ is a functional exosome skin booster
that contains a large amount of exosomes which maximize the absorption and affinity of active ingredients. USC1994 CMTM  Umbilical cord blood stem cell conditioned media 200,000ppm.

√ 49.2 billion of exosome particles

√ More than 89 kinds of condensed active ingredients 

√ 1/1700 size of pores

√ Fast and deep skin absorption

6 kinds of functional reinforced growth factors

(EGF / VEGF / IGF / KGF / GDF11 / TIMP2)

* Since it contains no preservatives, we recommend using it immediately. 

* Refrigeration is recommended for P198 all of ExoHealer products