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FILCORE HB Plus Program P198

FILCORE HB Plus Program P198

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Scalp: Hair growth and recover sensitive scalp

5pairs x 2ml+5ml  ( 20g after lyophilized )


Umbilical cord blood stem cell conditioned media 990,000ppm

5 kinds of functional reinforced scalp growth factors

(EGF / VEGF / IGF / KGF / Noggin


How to mix: "Always liquid into Powder"


  1. Pull the transparent cap on the top of the container in the direction of the arrow to the end and remove any aluminum from the rim..
  1. Remove the rubber cap and pour the FILCORE Activating Solution (5ml), or N/S 2ml with P198 FILCORE SB.
  1. Shake well 3~4 times to dissolve the powder and then apply and absorb to

  For skin treatment, apply onto the skin with MTS. After mixing freeze-dried powder, use immediately product does not contain perservatives. 

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