Thesera L -Collagen Thread Kit - TDN CELL LIFT

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Package Includes:

Epidermis Balance Foam 20ml
Dermis Balance Peelenser 2ml x 4ea
Hydra Booster 20ml
High Tension Gel 5ml x 8ea
High Tension Ampoule 12ml

STEP 1. TDN Tunneling


Epidermis Balance Foam

  • Acid foam peels epidermis gently.
  • Removing sebum and impurities primarily
  • Balancing skin pH

Directions : Pump 3-4 times. Apply it on the skin and rub gently. Rinse with lukewarm water.


Dermis Balance Peelenser

  • TDN acid complex leads skin tunneling
  • Helping active ingredients penetrating into skin
  • Normalizing turnover cycle

Directions : Apply Peelenser on the skin with a brush. After suitable time, rinse the skin with lukewarm water thoroughly.

Tip. Epidermis Balance Foam & Dermis Balance Peelenser
Mix 2ml of Peelenser and 4-5 pumps of Balance Foam in a glass bowl. Apply it in the order of forehead> nose> cheeks> chin, avoiding eyes and mouth areas. After the suitable application time, rinse with lukewarm water thoroughly.

Sensitive skin : 1min.~1min. 30ec. / Normal skin : 2min.~2min. 30sec.

STEP 2. Absorbing thread


High Tension Serum & High Tension String
[Brightening/Wrinkle improvement]

  • Natural melting thread(string) and high-enriched ampoule pass through the skin deeply.
  • Dissolving the melted thread, it tightens and lifts the skin
  • Improving skin elasticity and minimizing wrinkles

Directions : Mix 0.04g of thread and 3ml of serum in a glass bowl. Apply it on the face with a brush.

STEP 3. Circulation, absorption, and calming


Hydra Booster

  • Helping skin absorb more thread by stimulating skin circulation
  • Extreme moisture factor calms the skin.

Directions : Apply the suitable amount on the skin with a brush. After 20min., wipe out the residue by rubbing gently.

STEP 4. Tightening


High Tension Gel

  • Enhancing elasticity and facial line
  • Generating collagen and nourishing skin
  • Holding the active ingredients(thread) absorbed in the skin

Directions : Apply High Tension Gel upwards(lifting direction) and wait until it is completely dried for about 20min. Then wipe out the whole face with a wet sponge.

STEP 5. Nourishing


High Tension Ampoule
[Brightening/Wrinkle improvement]

  • Peptide complex ingredients improves wrinkles.
  • 9 natural extract and 4 natural oil nourish skin.

Directions : Absorb 10 drops of ampoule on the whole face.